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Journey of the First Sentinel Oak Table

June 24, 2023

Journey of the First Sentinel Oak Table

It has been a long and interesting journey from that very cold February 19, 2021 when The Sentinel Oak was harvested and given new life. The key ingredient on this journey has been patience. Some things just cannot be rushed. Drying white oak lumber is one of those things. The tables which this giant oak tree promised when the logs were processed are beginning to take shape. The first of these large tables was received on June 21, 2023. An 855 day wait…but it was well worth it. This exquisite and stately table well reflects the tree from which it came. It measures 9 feet in length, and its maximum width is 42 inches. The accompanying bench is also 9 feet in length. The table named Monarch is made up of two Sentinel Oak slabs. The space between the slabs is closed by a dark caviar colored epoxy river. The 9 foot outside table edges are live edged with the bark removed. Similarly , the inner slab edges are live edged. Clear epoxy resting upon the caviar epoxy reveals the live edge appearance. Three of our elementary age grandchildren literally hugged the table the first time they saw it, and begged us not to sell it…, we will see. The table is supported by two strong black steel supports.

The bench is also constructed of one piece of lumber from the Sentinel Oak. Black caviar epoxy is used to enhance the bench’s beauty. The bench also displays the natural live edge of the lumber used. Together the table and bench strike a long anticipated pose that is not soon forgotten. We can’t wait to see the next creations.

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