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Free shipping all Charcuterie boards.

Our Charcuterie boards come in a variety of styles, but like snowflakes or fingerprints, no two are alike. Each board is unique with the live edge. The styles are:  no handle, one handle, or two handle.  Check the drop down list Handles, as sizes and prices vary by length (maximum length of 23 inches; widths will vary).  The finish is a food grade, hand rubbed oil.  Thank you for allowing a portion of the Sentinel Oak to continue its life in your home.  


Free shipping or pickup on all Charcuterie boards. 

Charcuterie Board (Food Grade)

SKU: Charcuterie001
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Charcuterie Boards SHIP FOR FREE.
    • Let me know under "Add A Note" on the checkout page that you would like it shipped.
  • Hand rubbed with food grade oil. (Odie's Universal Oil ).  It will be necessary for you to reapply food grade oil as needed.

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