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2023 Sentinel Oak Calendar available now... wood pieces coming in 2023.

We have just received our first printing of the 2023 Sentinel Oak Wall Calendar!

Thanks to Tim Bechtol for the month-by-month pictures of the Sentinel Oak taken in 2005.

Mark Meyer took the cover photo in an ice fog in 2014.

Click here to purchase a calandar for you or your loved ones.

The first finished wood pieces have arrived and they turned out beautifully and feel very smooth.

We are excited for more pieces to go through this process.

Table size slabs milled last winter will be going into the kiln soon.

Live edge pieces are coming to use for furniture and personal wood projects will be available in 2023.

In Spring 2023 - Finished Charcuterie boards will be available

In Summer 2023 - Raw live edge pieces will available for finishing.

In Fall 2023 - Select finished live edge pieces will be available for tabletops and wall hook boards

We will have a new blog post when pieces are available!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Blessing to all,

Mark and Therese Meyer

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